OPINION: Don’t crucify Ole! At least not yet

By Bethel Brill

I don’t think there’s any football fan – irrespective of the team you support – that didn’t appreciate what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was doing for the Manchester United side. While I loved it, I always knew that the faux master tactician and winning mentality thing was not going to last. Let me tell you why.

Right before Jose Mourinho was sacked, most of the players had been on his black book and this affected their football on the pitch. Irrespective of how professional they claim to be, these players are humans with emotions and would only perform at their best when they’re in good terms with the manager and entire coaching staff.

The appointment of Ole as the interim manager was like a breath of fresh air. The acclaimed “bad air” Mourinho was out of their way and they had to celebrate by performing well in their first eleven games.

We were all impressed with their performance and we all hoped it would continue, but all good thing must come to an end and so did Ole’s good run as Manchester United’s manager.

The Norweigian’s appointment as manager was also a good move by the board, judging by the feats he achieved as an interim manager. While we all expected the team to do well now that Ole has been given the job and is “on the wheels”, they went back to their poor state.

They had a lot of bad games and the away game against Barcelona in the Champions League was one of them. The 4-nil loss to Everton was also bad in all ramifications. The draw against Huddersfield and the loss against Cardiff today were also bad games.
These games made fans question the decision of the board for giving Ole the job or for putting him on the wheels.

While you’re likely wondering what my point is, I’ll tell you. First, I feel that it is too early to call for the sack of Ole. I’ll give you reasons.
Ole has not had a transfer window. Before we can fully judge the ability of a manager, it is only right that we allow him to sign players of his own choice and watch how he improves these players. Without a transfer window, it will be myopic and totally unreasonable to label Ole a failure.

He inherited this team from Mourinho who has been complaining to anyone who cared to listen that they are not good. So before you call him a failure, let’s see him sign players.

Secondly, this Manchester United team is not that good. While there are quality players in the team, we can all agree that we’ve not seen that this season. From Marcus Rashford to Jesse Lingard, Ashley Young, Smalling, Jones, Alexis, Matic, etc. It’s either these players are not that good as we believed or they are not giving their all on the pitch. I doubt the latter though.

Before we crucify Ole, let’s give him a chance to sign players. Although it would be quite difficult to attract big or quality players because of the fact that this Manchester United side would not be playing in the Champions League next season.

We can only watch and see how the transfer window turns out for this United side, until then, please don’t call Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a failure.

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