Full fixtures for 2018 NPFL season

The League Management Company, LMC have released the fixtures for the forthcoming 2018 Nigerian Professional Football League season.

The 2018 NPFL season will kick start on January 14, 2018.

There will be three midweek matches on match days 2, 4 and 5 while the mid-season break will be from April 30 to May 5 and a longer break for the FIFA World Cup from June 14 to July 15.

Resumption from the World Cup break will be on July 18 and this will be observed with matchday 25 which will be the first of another three mid-week matches in the second stanza of the league. The other two mid-week fixtures will be on matchdays 27 and 29.

2018 Nigeria Professional Football League [NPFL] – Full Fixtures
Kwara United vs Niger Tornadoes
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Yobe D.  Stars
Wikki Tourist vs Go-Round
Akwa United vs Enugu Rangers
Lobi stars vs Enyimba
Heartland vs Sunshine stars
Katsina United vs Kano Pillars
Nasarawa United vs Plateau United
Rivers United vs EL Kanemi
Abia Warriors vs MFM
17/01 Midweek
Niger Tornadoes vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Yobe D. Stars vs Wikki Tourists
Go-round vs Akwa United
Enugu Rangers vs Lobi Stars
Enyimba vs Heartland
Sunshine stars vs Katsina United
Kano Pillars vs Nasarawa United
Plateau United vs Rivers United
El Kanemi vs Abia Warriors
MFM vs Kwara United

FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Kwara United
Wikki Tourists vs Niger Tornadoes
Akwa United vs Yobe D. Stars
Lobi stars vs Go-round
Heartland vs Enugu Rangers
Katsina United vs Enyimba
Nasarawa United vs Sunshine stars
Rivers United vs Kano Pillars
EL Kanemi vs MFM
Abia Warriors vs Plateau Utd
24/01 Midweek
Kwara United vs Wikki Tourists
Niger Tornadoes vs Akwa United
Yobe D. Stars vs Lobi Stars
Go-round vs Heartland
Enugu Rangers vs Katsina United
Enyimba vs Nasarawa United
Sunshine stars vs Rivers United
Kano Pillars vs Abia Warriors
Plateau United vs EL Kanemi
MFM vs FC Ifeanyi Uba

28/01 Midweek
Wikki Tourists vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Akwa United vs Kwara United
Lobi stars vs Niger Tornadoes
Heartland vs Yobe D. Stars
Katsina United vs Go-round
Nasarawa United vs Enugu Rangers
Rivers United vs Enyimba
Abia Warriors vs Sunshine stars
El Kanemi vs Kano Pillars
Plateau United vs MFM
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Akwa United
Kwara United vs Lobi stars
Niger Tornadoes vs Heartland
Yobe Stars vs Katsina United
Go-round vs Nasarawa United
Enugu Rangers vs Rivers United
Enyimba vs Abia Warriors
Sunshine Stars vs EL Kanemi
Kano Pillars vs Plateau United
MFM vs Wikki Tourists
Akwa United vs Wikki Tourists
Lobi stars vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Heartland vs Kwara United
Katsina United vs Niger Tornadoes
Nasarawa United vs Yobe stars
Rivers United vs Go-round
Abia Warriors vs Enugu Rangers
El Kanemi vs Enyimba
Plateau United vs Sunshine Stars
Kano Pillars  vs MFM
Wikki Tourists vs Lobi Stars
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Heartland
Kwara United vs Katsina United
Niger Tornadoes vs Nasarawa United
Yobe stars vs Rivers United
Go-round vs Abia Warriors
Enugu Rangers vs EL Kanemi
Enyimba vs Plateau United
Sunshine Stars vs Kano Pillars
MFM vs Akwa United
Lobi Stars vs Akwa United
Heartland vs Wikki Tourists
Katsina United vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Nasarawa United vs Kwara United
Rivers United vs Niger Tornadoes
Abia Warriors vs Yobe stars
El Kanemi vs Go-round
Plateau United vs Enugu Rangers
Kano Pillars vs Enyimba
Sunshine Stars vs MFM
Akwa United vs Heartland
Wikki Tourists vs Katsina United
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Nasarawa United
Kwara United vs Rivers United
Niger Tornadoes vs Abia Warriors
Yobe stars vs EL Kanemi
Go-round vs Plateau United
Enugu Rangers vs Kano Pillars
Enyimba vs Sunshine stars
MFM vs Lobi Stars
Heartland vs Lobi stars
Katsina United vs Akwa United
Nasarawa United vs Wikki Tourists
Rivers United vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Abia Warriors vs Kwara United
El Kanemi vs Niger Tornadoes
Plateau United vs Yobe stars
Kano Pillars vs Go-round
Sunshine Stars vs Enugu Rangers
Enyimba vs MFM
Lobi Stars vs Katsina United
Akwa United vs Nasarawa United
Wikki Tourists vs Rivers United
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Abia Warriors
Kwara United vs EL Kanemi
Niger Tornadoes vs Plateau United
Yobe Stars vs Kano Pillars
Go-round vs Sunshine Stars
Enugu Rangers vs Enyimba
MFM vs Heartland
Katsina United vs Heartland
Nasarawa United vs Lobi Stars
Rivers United vs Akwa United
Abia Warriors vs Wikki Tourists
El Kanemi vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Plateau United vs Kwara United
Kano Pillars vs Niger Tornadoes
Sunshine Stars vs Yobe Stars
Enyimba vs Go-round
Enugu Rangers vs MFM
Heartland vs Nasarawa United
Lobi Stars vs Rivers United
Akwa United vs Abia Warriors
Wikki Tourists vs EL Kanemi
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Plateau United
Kwara United vs Kano Pillars
Niger Tornadoes vs Sunshine stars
Yobe stars vs Enyimba
Go-round vs Enugu Rangers
MFM vs Katsina United
Nasarawa United vs Katsina United
Rivers United vs Heartland
Abia Warriors vs Lobi stars
El Kanemi vs Akwa United
Plateau United vs Wikki Tourists
Kano Pillars vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Sunshine Stars vs Kwara United
Enyimba vs Niger Tornadoes
Enugu Rangers vs Yobe stars
Go-round vs MFM
Katsina United vs Rivers United
Heartland vs Abia Warriors
Lobi Stars vs EL Kanemi
Akwa United vs Plateau United
Wikki Tourists vs Kano Pillars
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Sunshine stars
Kwara United vs Enyimba
Niger Tornadoes vs Enugu Rangers
Yobe stars vs Go-round
MFM vs Nasarawa
Rivers United vs Nasarawa United
Abia Warriors vs Katsina United
EL Kanemi vs Heartland
Plateau United vs Lobi Stars
Kano Pillars vs Akwa United
Sunshine stars vs Wikki Tourists
Enyimba vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Enugu Rangers vs Kwara United
Go-round vs Niger Tornadoes
Yobe Stars vs MFM
Nasarawa United vs Abia Warriors
Katsina United vs EL Kanemi
Heartland vs Plateau United
Lobi Stars vs Kano Pillars
Akwa United vs Sunshine Stars
Wikki Tourists vs Enyimba
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Enugu Rangers
Kwara United vs Go-round
Niger Tornadoes vs Yobe Stars
MFM vs Rivers United
Abia Warriors vs Rivers United
El Kanemi vs Nasarawa United
Plateau United vs Katsina United
Kano Pillars vs Heartland
Sunshine Stars vs Lobi Stars
Enyimba vs Akwa United
Enugu Rangers vs Wikki Tourists
Go-round vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Yobe Stars vs Kwara United
Niger Tornadoes vs MFM
Rivers United vs Abia Warriors
Nasarawa United vs EL Kanemi
Katsina United vs Plateau United
Heartland vs Kano Pillars
Lobi Stars vs Sunshine Stars
Akwa United vs Enyimba
Wikki Tourists vs Enugu Rangers
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Go-round
Kwara United vs Yobe Stars
MFM vs Niger Tornadoes
Niger Tornadoes vs Kwara United
Yobe Stars vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Go-round vs Wikki Tourists
Enugu Rangers vs Akwa United
Enyimba vs Lobi stars
Sunshine stars vs Heartland
Kano Pillars vs Katsina United
Plateau United vs Nasarawa United
El Kanemi vs Rivers United
MFM vs Abia Warriors
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Niger Tornadoes
Wikki Tourists vs Yobe Stars
Akwa United vs Go-round
Lobi Stars vs Enugu Rangers
Heartland vs Enyimba
Katsina United vs Sunshine stars
Nasarawa United vs Kano Pillars
Rivers United vs Plateau United
Abia Warriors vs EL Kanemi
Kwara United vs MFM
Kwara United vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Niger Tornadoes vs Wikki Tourists
Yobe Stars vs Akwa United
Go-round vs Lobi stars
Enugu Rangers vs Heartland
Enyimba vs Katsina United
Sunshine Stars vs Nasarawa United
Kano Pillars vs Rivers United
Plateau United vs Abia Warriors
MFM vs EL Kanemi
Wikki Tourists vs Kwara United
Akwa United vs Niger Tornadoes
Lobi Stars vs Yobe Stars
Heartland vs Go-round
Katsina United vs Enugu Rangers
Nasarawa United vs Enyimba
Rivers United vs Sunshine Stars
Abia Warriors vs Kano Pillars
EL Kanemi vs Plateau United
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs MFM
18/07 Midweek
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Wikki Tourists
Kwara United vs Akwa United
Niger Tornadoes vs Lobi stars
Yobe Stars vs Heartland
Go-round vs Katsina United
Enugu Rangers vs Nasarawa United
Enyimba vs Rivers United
Sunshine Stars vs Abia Warriors
Kano Pillars vs EL Kanemi
MFM vs Plateau United
Akwa United vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Lobi Stars vs Kwara United
Heartland vs Niger Tornadoes
Katsina United vs Yobe stars
Nasarawa United vs Go-round
Rivers United vs Enugu Rangers
Abia Warriors vs Enyimba
EL Kanemi vs Sunshine Stars
Plateau United vs Kano Pillars
Wikki Tourists vs MFM
25/07 Midweek
Wikki Tourists vs Akwa United
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Lobi Stars
Kwara United vs Heartland
Niger Tornadoes vs Katsina United
Yobe Stars vs Nasarawa United
Go-round vs Rivers United
Enugu Rangers vs Abia Warriors
Enyimba vs EL Kanemi
Sunshine stars vs Plateau United
MFM vs Kano Pillars
Lobi Stars vs Wikki Tourists
Heartland vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Katsina United vs Kwara United
Nasarawa United vs Niger Tornadoes
Rivers United vs Yobe stars
Abia Warriors vs Go-round
EL Kanemi vs Enugu Rangers
Plateau United vs Enyimba
Kano Pillars vs Sunshine stars
Akwa United vs MFM
01/08 Midweek
Akwa United vs Lobi stars
Wikki Tourists vs Heartland
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Katsina United
Kwara United vs Nasarawa United
Niger Tornadoes vs Rivers United
Yobe Stars vs Abia Warriors
Go-round vs EL Kanemi
Enugu Rangers vs Plateau United
Enyimba vs Kano Pillars
MFM vs Sunshine stars
Heartland vs Akwa United
Katsina United vs Wikki Tourists
Nasarawa United vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Rivers United vs Kwara United
Abia Warriors vs Niger Tornadoes
EL Kanemi vs Yobe stars
Plateau United vs Go-round
Kano Pillars vs Enugu Rangers
Sunshine Stars vs Enyimba
Lobi stars vs MFM
Lobi Stars vs Heartland
Akwa United vs Katsina United
Wikki Tourists vs Nasarawa United
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Rivers United
Kwara United vs Abia Warriors
Niger Tornadoes vs EL Kanemi
Yobe stars vs Plateau United
Go-round vs Kano Pillars
Enugu Rangers vs Sunshine Stars
MFM vs Enyimba
Katsina United vs Lobi Stars
Nasarawa United vs Akwa United
Rivers United vs Wikki Tourists
Abia Warriors vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
EL Kanemi vs Kwara United
Plateau United vs Niger Tornadoes
Kano Pillars vs Yobe stars
Sunshine stars vs Go-round
Enyimba vs Enugu Rangers
Heartland vs MFM
Heartland Vs Katsina United
Lobi Stars vs Nasarawa United
Akwa United vs Rivers United
Wikki Tourists vs Abia Warriors
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs EL Kanemi
Kwara United vs Plateau United
Niger Tornadoes vs Kano Pillars
Yobe stars vs Sunshine stars
Go-round vs Enyimba
MFM vs Enugu Rangers
Nasarawa United vs Heartland
Rivers United vs Lobi Stars
Abia Warriors vs Akwa United
EL Kanemi vs Wikki Tourists
Plateau United vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Kano Pillars vs Kwara United
Sunshine stars vs Niger Tornadoes
Enyimba vs Yobe Stars
Enugu Rangers vs Go-round
Katsina United vs MFM
Katsina United vs Nasarawa United
Heartland vs Rivers United
Lobi Stars vs Abia Warriors
Akwa United vs EL Kanemi
Wikki Tourists vs Plateau United
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Kano Pillars
Kwara United vs Sunshine Stars
Niger Tornadoes vs Enyimba
Yobe stars vs Enugu Rangers
MFM vs Go-round
Rivers United vs Katsina United
Abia Warriors vs Heartland
EL Kanemi vs Lobi Stars
Plateau United vs Akwa United
Kano Pillars vs Wikki Tourists
Sunshine Stars vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Enyimba vs Kwara United
Enugu Rangers vs Niger Tornadoes
Go-round vs Yobe Stars
Nasarawa United vs MFM
Nasarawa United vs Rivers United
Katsina United vs Abia Warriors
Heartland vs EL Kanemi
Lobi Stars vs Plateau United
Akwa United vs Kano Pillars
Wikki Tourists vs Sunshine Stars
FC Ifeanyi Uba vs Enyimba
Kwara United vs Enugu Rangers
Niger Tornadoes vs Go-round
MFM vs Yobe stars
Abia Warriors vs Nasarawa United
EL Kanemi vs Katsina United
Plateau United vs Heartland
Kano Pillars vs Lobi Stars
Sunshine Stars vs Akwa United
Enyimba vs Wikki Tourists
Enugu Rangers vs FC Ifeanyi Uba
Go-round vs Kwara United
Yobe Stars vs Niger Tornadoes
Rivers United vs MFM

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