All you need to know about the newly drafted Nigeria Volleyball League – Framework

The Nigeria Volleyball Federation have formulated a new league system that has generated interest from states across country.

With virtually no sponsors or financial support from the Sport Ministry, the federation was able to harness all potentials and bring together different interests to start and develop a league system that portrays promise and has a huge potential of enduring through time.

The league will be the first after a long period of respite dating back to about 3 decades ago. Today for a start, about 30 teams (male and female) are participating in the ongoing league.

The league is categorized into four stages and the first phase has all participating teams classified into zones.

Classification is based on the 6 geopolitical zones including the federal zones where military and para military teams were clustered to slug it out and produce four male and four female teams.

Aside the federal zone, others will produce 2 teams that will make up a total of 16 male and female teams to compete in the North and South conferences which are to be known as Sahara and Atlantic conferences.

Sahara is for all the qualified states in the North including two male and two female teams from the federal zones, while the Atlantic conference is for the teams in the South that qualified with 2 males and 2 females from the federal zones – the military and paramilitary.

From the second phase known as the Round of 16 conference, the strongest four teams will be eligible to compete in the Premier League – the elites’ league. The remaining eight teams will then play in Division 1 from where they can earn promotion to the topflight league.

The federation president Musa Nimrod deserves some credit as he, against all odds, decided to go ahead with the plans for the league. The board members set up in respective zones should also be applauded as they have seen to the logical conclusion of the first stage in their zones.

We all look forward to a comprehensive list of the teams that will make it to the Round of 16 conference.

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